I’m probably one of many contrarians out there who loves waking up on Mondays. It’s the start of my week, but also the start of my gym week as well. My recovery days typically are back to back on Saturdays & Sundays. Been that way for some time.

The temperature took a significant tip this morning which made the voyage from my car to the gym doors an extremely cold one. West Texas wind chills = pain.

After those two recovery days, my energy levels are basically peaked so my gym performances tend to look a bit “leveled up” if you will. Like most, I make my Mondays to be “Push Days” which means I focus on shoulders, chest, triceps, and calves. Yes-calves.

My triceps are my vanity muscles which makes me tend to train those harder which I did today. When I started lifting all those years ago back in Hobbs, it was my triceps that “popped” out the most followed closely by my chest (pecs!) and shoulders. For some reason, my biceps take a bit more work and don’t pop out as much as I would like. At least for the moment ; )

It was an easy day at the office with only one client to train today. Holiday weekends tend to lead to short weeks which has good/bad results. As I have told those in person, the most difficult aspect of this job is getting more clients. I have gotten better in attracting more clients, but there is always more work to be done.

At the moment of this writing, I’m currently watching Avengers: Infinity War, my current favorite movie of all time. Hearing the passing of the great Stan Lee certainly encouraged this viewing as a means to remember from a cinematic point of view of why I love comic books and especially Marvel.

I remember in the 4th grade sitting in Mr. Green’s classroom writing a story. Mr. Green approached me and asked me what I was writing. “Well, I’m writing a story that I hope I can sent to Marvel and hopefully write a comic about”, I told Mr. Green. He nodded at me and said “Thats pretty cool. I’m sure they will print it up for you!”

Obviously, that didn’t happen but it goes to show how much of an influence Stan Lee and the rest of the creators at Marvel had on me. See I wasn’t a “Disney kid” growing up-I was a Marvel kid.

Their stories and characters taught me more parables than anything else I’ve ever read in my entire life. From civil rights, diversity, good vs. evil, and most of all, with great power comes great responsibility. 

That’s a concept that is in true need of being revisited in this current juncture in time.

Stan Lee will always be the greatest creator of my time. His creations and stories certainly made the lot of us who were always treated a bit “differently” feel that we certainly weren’t alone in our angst and struggles with the realties of life.

Excelsior, Mr. Lee. Excelsior.


Until next time,

-James Ruiz

Stan Lee


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