The Long Game

It was inevitable to start a blog about my new adventure into the fitness industry. Facebook, Instagram, and my podcast (The Cerebral Fit Podcast) each serve their respective purposes in terms of putting myself out there. This invokes more of my words though which has always been one of my stronger, if not, strongest form of communication for me. I’ve been writing since I was 9 years old so it’s just been a natural progression from writing on yellow legal pads to this blog.

This will be actually be the third time (I think?) for me starting an online blog and website. However, unlike the previous two times, the stakes have never been this higher. This involves my professional endeavors mixed in with my personal thoughts/emotions about the fitness industry. I started as a personal trainer in July 2018 and it has been a hell of a ride in terms of figuring all of this out. From clients, training style, management, and so on, this has been an enjoyable narrative to write (and live out) for the most part.

Much like my podcast, I will be discussing a variety of topics on this blog. My workouts, my fitness philosophy, diet, personal life, and everything else that puts color into my life. Even the grey parts. And they are a lot of those.

I’m slowing letting go of being shy when it comes to letting my true thoughts be known on most (or all) social media platforms. I still want to carry that attribute of “mystery” with me. Much like poker, I don’t like revealing all of my cards. I will from time to time keep certain things close to my chest. Better for the long game.

Now if you are looking for perfectly well written, grammatically correct, and family friendly blog…check out some other fitness blogs. I’ll have my days when I want to keep it clean, but I’m going to have my days when I let fucking loose and let James be James. I feel the biggest problem with society today is everyone trying to be “different” and not being themselves. Big difference there.

I used to think I was “different”, but I’ve come to embrace that I was never different. I was simply just being who I am and I wasn’t afraid of that notion.

Live a life or live a lie.

I’ve been surprised as of late of how many people choose to live the latter. Sad really.

But they choose that path and will have to live with the steps they make. “Such is life” as I like to say.

It’s been interesting, but I’m building a life for me which makes me truly happy, a bit more free, and able to still answer that call to serve. It just may not be like the way I envisioned for all those years.

Nevertheless, I intend to make this all COUNT. It won’t be easy because it wasn’t mean to be that way.


-James Ruiz




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