Every Rep Isn’t Perfect

I don’t like to use the term “OCD”.

I believe it’s overused and people truly don’t understand what they mean when they say it. Then again, I’m a former psychology major so there you have it.

Wednesdays have slowly become one of the most intense days for me to train. Really can’t truly explain all the reasons why, but that is what it has evolved into. I typically do “Pull Days” were I focus on my back, biceps, abs, and calves and today was not exception.

Yesterday, I received my Onnit 10 lb. steel mace which is the one I’ve been waiting on for quite some time. I already own a 15 lb. mace, but I needed one a bit lighter so I can focus on mastering the movement and flow of the mace when I’m engaging with it. That’s one of the reasons I’ve come to really love training my body using these tools (maces, clubs, sandbags, kettlebells) because they challenge my muscle fibers that typical gym equipment can’t anymore. I definitely get a lot of looks of curiosity when I’m using the mace or club, but that comes with the territory. And as a personal trainer, it sets me apart from everybody else in that regard (especially here in West Texas). That’s not a bad thing.

However, the perfectionist side in me tends to rears its semi ugly head when my reps don’t go like I want them to. Oddly enough, I blame my graduate school education for that. Back in those golden days, our professors would have us write paper after paper to damn near perfect our research writing skills. In turn, that disciple transferred to other aspects of my life and it has stayed with me since then. Not a bad curse to have at times.


When you create content on your phone or whatever editor you’re using, you tend to really chastise yourself on most details. From form, facial expressions, and the overall package, it can be a tedious process. At moments, what feels right when you initially film it doesn’t feel that way once you break it down and truly examine the footage.

That is the feeling today.

But it is going through these learning lessons  that builds up your CC (career character) and pushes you to work harder at every aspect and to accept that not every rep will be perfect.

Practice makes perfect is the old adage and one that will truly never go out of style.

Until next time,




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