Steel Mace’s and Mud Masks

I won’t lie-I’ve developed a facial cleansing regime.

In other words, a beauty regime.

I’ve always had sensitive skin since 1984 and I’ve tended to do my best to keep my face clean for the most part. So as I sit here, I’m letting a mud mask dry on my face for approximately 20 minutes. Most men might not admit this publicly, but I don’t just give a damn.

Getting into the personal training business means I’ve got to look the part and that includes my face. I’ve even started scowling LESS which is pretty huge for me! You can’t get clients if you always have a pissed off look on your mug.

It’s like I alluded in my last post-you have to keep every edge you have and gain any edge you can. Facial regimens included.

I had a great workout today. It was Leg Day II and it didn’t disappoint. I used more of my 10 pound Onnit steel mace and it definitely got my heart rate during. I’m still wondering if the Crunch staff will approach me and ask “What the fuck are you doing?” Thus far, I’m just getting a bunch of stares and no questions, but those will come.

My metabolism was kicked into overdrive (naturally after Leg Day) and I made short work of two medium pizzas. Thin crust of course (cutting back on the carbs ; ) and it was delicious.

As the weekend approaches, I’ve got some plans to continue this weekend that will only serve me and my endeavors quite well. Even throughout the holidays, Cerebral Fitters, you gotta keep hustling.

Ok, I can barely move my face. Time to wash this mask off.

Until next time,



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