Kettlebell Days

Another work week in the books and another Friday has arrived.

If you worked a schedule that didn’t give you the weekends off, then you are sure to appreciate that “Friday” feeling. Granted, I do have one appointment tomorrow, it doesn’t feel like a job. It feels like a career and there is a big difference.

I’m getting flashbacks of Carrie Bradshaw and the show, Sex in the City, when she was writing her thoughts and having that internal monologue. Yes-I saw a few episodes of that show when nothing good was showing on Cinemax and Showtime. I believe I’m starting to enjoy this “blogging”.

I had an exceptional Friday at the gym this morning/afternoon. If you follow me on the podcast or any of my social media accounts, I consider my Friday’s to be the ones when I try out new exercises and essentially just leave every ounce of energy I have on the gym floor.

Since really getting into the complexes (two or more exercises combined together to form one exercise), I’m burning calories faster and maintaining a solid heart rate. I went from burning 300 calories in just one hour to burning 300 calories in 30 minutes. Do the math and I’m starting to average over 600 calories in one hour. That’s not bad at all. Ok, a bit of  understatement ; )

As I continue my training through the Eric Leija kettlebell training course, I’m adding more exercises and complexes to my internal library. Unlike four years ago when I wasn’t recording all of my biometric data, recording my calories has made my fitness goals more tangible. I recommend doing the same in your fitness routines. Crossing off goals and earning those burned calories takes work, time, and commitment. Hell, even getting those Playstation 4 trophies takes all of that.

Don’t just be given those trophies, go out and fucking take them.

Until next time,






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