Dog(s) Day Afternoons

Window is open, dogs are next to me napping, and it’s a cozy 58 degrees at the moment.

This isn’t my idea of a “perfect day”, but it shall suffice.

I only had one client today and only three more bookings for this week. As a greenhorn on the personal training/fitness industry ship, this is what I’m figuring to be a slow week. The good is the amount of free time I have at the moment. Projects are needing to be completed and this is the best time to work on them. The bad obviously correlates to a smaller paycheck. It’s the trade-off though with not working within the confines of TSA anymore and working as a personal trainer aka an independent contractor. I better get used that saying come tax season.

Sometimes I get asked if I miss the government life and I quickly reply with a solid “NO”.

Typically, this was hell week (the week of Thanksgiving) so the airports are a mad house, the passengers are amateurs (for the most part) and it really is horrid working on a holiday especially if you got family/friends in nearby celebrating without you.

I did break the metaphorical glass case and did get me a secondary job to supplement my income. I won’t say what it is I do for now, but it should suffice and work easily around my schedule. Thank goodness.

My workout this morning turned out to be better than expected. I didn’t venture to the newest gym I’ve become a member at, but I kept it in-house today. The gym wasn’t as full considering a majority of the schools have closed this week so I had plenty of room to myself.

Complexes have been the name of the game this past week and I continued this practice today as well. This time though I started creating complexes with barbells and my steel clubs as well. These complexes took up 75% of my training time, but it got the job done when I checked my calories at the end of the workout. Once again-what I am doing is working.

A client of mine took some time off this week and went hunting for the first time since training with me. He came back and informed me how much easier it was for him to hike around the mountains of New Mexico and how his strength and energy levels have improved.

As a trainer, that was an AMAZING thing to hear. That’s one of my primary goals is to increase the longevity of your energy cause it’s realistic. I won’t turn you into Arnold or having you looking like Ronnie Coleman-I simply want you live a better life than you were yesterday. A bold goal, yes, but one that is showing what I am doing is working.

The mouse is still at large (if you follow me on Facebook, you’ll know what I’m talking about).


Do the best to play by your rules, not their rules.

Until next time,



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