You know you have been on social media too long when you know Facebook is acting afoot before it becomes a hashtag on Twitter. Currently, #FacebookDown is trending, thus, typing this and not being distracted by my phone a bit easier than usual. The downside? I sent out a bunch of invites on Facebook to like this official page of the Cerebral Fit Podcast, this blog, and my overall personal training business. Story of my life. The invites are currently stuck in cyber purgatory till these outages stop. Joy.

Leg Day was not taken lightly today. The complexes are becoming easier to construct and flow together smoother. The mace, clubs, battle-ropes, barbells, and kettlebells were all utilized today and 30 minutes through my workout, I burned nearly 400 calories. My rest time stood between 10-20 seconds which made everything much harder. Don’t get me wrong-what I do isn’t easy by any stretch. It’s become so visceral for me to do these exercises that I truly don’t realize how difficult they are.

I’ve slowly introduced a bit of my workout circuits to several of my clients and needless to say, they each have been able to hang and are certainly enjoying the results from it. At least I hope.

As crazy as this sounds, I’ve taken a different mental approach as of late which I haven’t done before. Much like a professional, collegiate, or amateur athlete, I’m treating my gym sessions like performances. With the various exercise complexes I’m doing along with what I’m using, I know I’m being watched. So instead of letting that bother me (I’m a core introvert), I’m using this to my mental advantage. It drives me forward. This is my career. I have to be able to perform at a level beyond most.

Is it drastic to think this way? From my perspective, no. Perspectives evolve or at least in my little world they do.

Until next time,






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