Tequila Wat3r & Conquering Woes

It’s Thanksgiving Eve and thus far, it’s already been a DAY.

I wasn’t quite sure when too expect my paycheck considering the holiday schedule and how the organization I work for handles holiday pay. When I woke up this morning and turned off “airplane mode” on my iPhone (good way to get  un-interrupted sleep), a notification came up informing me my bank received a deposit of money. Typically, this is a welcome sight in the morning, but, the amount was shorter than expected and like most people, I found myself rather upset. Ok, pissed off.

Tara and Charlotte (my two dogs/friends) automatically knew something was wrong and gave me those looks of concern and did their best to console me…and it worked. I was really upset for a minute with various scenarios running through my already rapid fire mind of how I was going to handle this. Before you know it, I knew what had to be done and the brewing storm quickly turned into nothing once again.

Years ago, I likely would have let that ruin my day and been pissed off from sunrise to sunset, but with the mileage I’ve accrued over the years, my approach has changed dramatically. 

I got in contact with the right person and before you know it, the problem was solved in less than an hour. With surprise problems, it’s best to take care of them swiftly. I don’t like lingering problems. They distract me.

I had no client this morning so I had plenty of gym time to myself. My warm up went well, but once I got started, I could feel the ramifications of having four tequila waters last night grabbing hold of my performance and energy levels. Mentally, I was ready, but physically my body just couldn’t get right.

It’s happened plenty of times before (undergrad, graduate school, etc.) but I typically got past it and made the workout happen. This wasn’t one of those times.

Sure, the calories I burned towards the end totaled over 300, but the end result paled in comparison to what I’ve been doing as of late. A coworker of mine was training as well this morning and once I was finished up, I chatted it up with him for a short bit. I mentioned to him the effects of last nights tequila and brought up how it might be that time of the year when I quit drinking for a while and just let me body recover recalibrate.

It’s a practice I’ve been doing for the past five years and one which has brought plenty of positive energy & results because of it.

I do enjoy drinking and thankfully, I’m not wired in a way were it can take complete hold of me and dictate my life.

But drawing back from my last blog post (Evolv3) my performance in the gym is becoming paramount to how I operate as a personal trainer and my overall career. In my old life as a TSA officer, fitness was just an intense hobby of mine.

Today is a much different narrative.

As I paused for a brief minute, stepped away from the computer, and just stretched a bit more than I did this morning, I came to the decision it’s time to pause my drinking through December and let my body & mind reprogram itself to a new setting.

We all have our vices and this one needs to be placed on the shelf for a bit.

Naturally, I’ll discuss more of the specifics on my podcast and share the details of how I’m going to make this work. How key the details & stipulations will be ; )

Enjoy Thanksgiving, everybody.





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