The 12th and Final Horizon Approaches

You ever just sit there and see the steam rise off a cup of coffee? It’s oddly peaceful to watch.

My Thanksgiving went off without a hitch (and I hope the same happened with each of yours as well). Good food, great company, and some entertaining movies as well. It’s become somewhat of a tradition on Thanksgiving to go out and watch a movie. Ironically enough, it’s been films from the Rocky franchise we’ve been watching for over 12 years over this holiday. Creed II was incredibly exceptional and a worthy addition to the franchise. As expected, I got a plethora of ideas to try in the gym when it’s just me training or when I’m training with one of my clients. Of course I just need a training location in the middle of the desert to do so. Give me time.

This franchise has a been a cinematic landmark for me (and a lot of others) for my entire life it seems. Like I mentioned in my previous post (Excelsior), I’ve learned a lot of parables from fictional stories and this movie provided more of what I expected. There was so much symbolism throughout the story (I believe a lot of people missed out on) which made the story even deeper for me. I suppose I should thank my sophomore high school AP English teacher for instilling in me the keen skill of identifying tone, plot, symbolism, and  other narrative devices.

From the fitness side of things (Can’t forget about that), I did have a brief workout on Black Friday at the local rec center here in my hometown of Hobbs. It’s an impressive facility and houses equipment my home gym back in Lubbock doesn’t have.  It was an easy workout and one I took just to get my heart rate going. Nothing fancy, groundbreaking, or Instagram video worthy.

I didn’t overeat on Thanksgiving so I didn’t have that lazy, slow feeling one can get after eating a lot of food they don’t eat constantly. But after working out like I did and having the past few days to look past today and see what I have planned on the horizon, I’m ready to get December going and close out 2018 like I want to.

I’m developing my “No Drinking December” plan , but establishing some realistic parameters for myself as well. I like to celebrate and when I do so, an alcoholic beverage is typically involved. Time will reveal what I do and how I will pull this off.

Tangible/realistic goals make things easier for me instead of just solely reaching for an “idea” of  sense of pride. Those days are gone. I need something I can touch, see, and feel. Otherwise, my sense of accomplishment will hollow and unworthy.

It’s just starts with a “What if?”

Until next time,



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