New Moon on Sunday

The last day of my mini vacation has arrived. It’s no secret amongst us that getting away from the typical “9-5” schedule certainly helps recalibrate the mind and body. Granted, I’m not on the beaches of Hawaii or in the mountains of the Pacific Northwest (the most beautiful place I’ve ever been/lived), but being back home in Hobbs, New Mexico certainly has it’s perks.

Oddly enough, my hometown of Hobbs (along with the rest of New Mexico) is embracing alternate ways of holistic remedies and natural living. A new shop opened in Hobbs recently that sales products composed of CBD (Cannabidiol) oil and hemp oil. I’ve heard about the rise of CBD oil in the past few years, but now it has taken off more so in the eyes and stores of the American public. I haven’t dabbled with it before until these past few days.

I ventured to the CBD store (Bryan’s Green Care) and bought a bottle of CBD oil infused water. I just left the gym and felt this would be the best time to test out this water and it’s claimed properties.


Disclaimer: I don’t work for these people, their shop, or this company. I’m just another layman testing out holistic products as a means to help out with my recovery and wellness. But I’m not a scientific layman either. I’m very well versed in the concept of placebo effect. Nevertheless, I paid a hefty six dollars for one bottle of water (they must have talked to the NFL about how to price their goods) and started drinking it a few minutes afterwards.

Mind you, I wasn’t expecting a moment of euphoria with Jimi Hendrix music playing in the background! I felt good while drinking it and once the bottle was done, I did feel a bit more relaxed than usual. Of course, that could have been placebo effect and my expectations causing that feeling.

I went back to the store a few hours later and bought several more bottles to take with me back home. I plan on using them after two of my training sessions and record the data afterwards.

Yes folks-I’m putting that Masters of Science degree to use!

It’s like I mentioned in my previous blog post, December will be my recalibration month and I’ll utilizing different means to do. What comes with that is expanding my knowledge as well. I’ve never been content with being contained at a certain level-I have to know more.

Until next time,




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