The Res3t Button

As I lay here in bed with my two dogs, I felt the need to write a few lines (or paragraphs) before I called it a night.

They have been sound asleep for the past hour and half. Even with the noise from the traffic outside and my typing, they seem at ease in their sleep. Not a bad life for them.

I officially started my second job today and made a bit of money. I can see where it’s relatively easy, but it will take some time getting used to it much less hoping more people start using this app. Hint: I’m not a Uber driver.

I can’t be to sure if I’m getting a bug or not. My guess is the two days of high winds caused a bunch of crap to thrown into the air, thus, invading my eyes and respiratory system. Not a fun way to start the week.

I pushed the metaphorical “Reset Button” today and got started on recalibrating my mental and physical wellbeing. As far as I’m concerned, December is already here. Starting the second job was one thing and getting a hold of my diet and well-being and taking it a new levels is the other task(s) at hand.

The did the after Thanksgiving weigh-in and I gained five pounds since my last weigh in which was several weeks ago. My walking weight is currently at 180.8 pounds which is the most I’ve weighed since the start of 2018. My diet took a hit on Thanksgiving, but I’m also guessing my workout regime may have also added some much-needed muscle to my frame. I can only hope.

This is going to be a rough stretch for the majority of us. The holidays take a toll on us in more ways than I believe we are willing to admit. From buying gifts, maintaining a steady diet, making time for people & events, and so on, the holidays can be a real bitch. We live in a shit-show world as it is with each of us doing our best to make our own little lives work in the best way possible.

I’ve spent the majority of my holidays these past nine years working through them and not exactly being in the holiday spirit. I still have to remind myself at times I’m no longer working for TSA. It’s surreal at times that I’m not dealing with the American traveling public anymore, but that feeling will soon dissipate.

Will my attitude change? Of course it will, but I just have let time do its thing and the rest will follow. After all, I did push the Reset Button today. Time will reveal what comes of that.

Until next time,





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