You know your blog posts are getting to you when you quote the previous day’s post (The Res3t Button) several times throughout your day numerous people.

Promoting can be difficult if you allow it to be or at least that is how it feels from time to time. With social media, it truly creates a new and cheaper way of getting your name out there. Just a matter of building the audience and having them care. I never saw myself as the guy who promotes anything really, but this is the beauty & curse of life-doing things you can never thought you would or could do.

I drank my last bottle of CBD oil infused water a few minutes ago. I wanted to see how it would affect my sleep (if it does at all). I don’t have any morning clients so I’m sleeping in a bit or at least until my body says to wake up. That or the dogs (Tara & Charlotte) will do that for me like they have. Potty breaks cannot wait.

My Leg Day was certainly on par today. I burned 400 calories thirty minutes into my workout and ended up scoring over 700 calories when I ended it. Adding my steel maces and clubs has certainly paid off when it comes to leg gains. They’ve never felt or looked better. When you see & feel those results, it only increases my desire to get them bigger and stronger. 

I stretched for a solid 30 minutes today prior to my workout which certainly increased my flexibility and mobility as well. I have to make this a stronger habit if I truly want to see how far I can go with this type of training. That window never stops closing for any of us so time is of the essence.

In some strange way, it almost feels like I’m going through a second form of puberty due to all of this training I’ve been doing. Dare I say it feels like I’m de-aging myself especially when people guess my age to be ten years younger than what I actually am. It’s a crazy notion to state, but it’s the best way to capture what this feels like.

The picture below is one that has never escaped my mind. Of where I’ve come from and how long it took me to get here. 


I’ll never let go of this.

This all takes work. All of it. We live in such a fast paced society and world in which we expect ALL of our desires, goals, and wishes to come true almost immediately. That isn’t real. It’s a folly. 

As Arnold Schwarzenegger says, “There is no magic pill.”

The picture below…it displays a work and mindset in constant progress. All the greatness most of us strive for requires more than just one day, one step, and one plan. 

It takes everything.

No magic pill here. Just work & time. 

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