The Tides of Decemb3r Approach

11/27/2018 is in the books and now for the nightcap. 

No booze for me this evening, but I did get my fair share of carbs. There is a really good Hawaiian BBQ place here in town and they fed me quite well this evening. I only have till Friday evening until I stop drinking alcohol through the majority of December. Of course, I have those stipulations in place, but even if I go two weeks or three weeks, it’s still going to be a good recalibration for my body. I did have alcoholic seltzer water last night and it wasn’t bad, but not great either. 

The secondary job kicked into gear yesterday, but even more so today. It certainly will add up in cash, but they are some variables I need to add/subtract to make this a bit more easier on my gas mileage and time. I received my first tip as an adult worker(!) and it honestly felt really good. Better yet, my perspective changed dramatically with my perception of the service industry and why tips matter, but also, customer service.

More CBD Please

I need more of these. 

As mentioned in my previous entry, I finished the last CBD oil infused water bottle last night. I woke up a little later than I’m used to getting up and I felt normal. My sleeping pattern wasn’t great so I can’t say conclusive if it truly effected my sleeping cycle. Needless to say, I really can’t give a conclusive answer on how I feel about CBD oil and it’s use. More testing is needed (one month would be ideal) and maybe soon I will get the opportunity to do so.

I’m researching to see if I can just purchase the oil and infuse it in my smoothies, water, and food. I’m certain it can keep the majority of its properties or at least that is what the information is telling me. Time will tell on this one.

Testing the Waters?

One thing about being a personal trainer is obviously putting yourself out there. Recently, my gym hired a new trainer and actually advertised his arrival on social media and plastered flyers around the gym. Was this done for me?

Of course not.

While I have been doing my own form (using my money) of advertising on Facebook, Instagram, and this blog and my podcast, it wouldn’t hurt to have a flyer of my own on my own “turf” if you will. The problem is I believe they (management) won’t be to thrilled with this idea considering I couldn’t even put my business cards at the front desk for our gym members to see. As the header implies, I feel it’s time to do some flyer maker on my own and letting the gym members know about my services.

This passion turned into a career is still very much a business and I need more clients. Putting yourself out there is key in this field and essential for your survival. The higher ups in my gym may not approve of this, but quite frankly, my table could use more food on it and my bank account looks much better when it’s full. And they aren’t doing anything to help me out with that. 

Until next time,



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