Water For The Win

Something strange happened at the grocery store this evening. I intended to pick up a beer to finish my night with, but instead I picked up a large bottle of water instead.

To say I’m nearing the ready point of not drinking for potentially up to a month isn’t quite an understatement, but I saw this as a good sign I’m mentally and physically ready to do so.

I will indulge a bit tomorrow though. It’s Friday after all. 

Leg Day II

Thursdays typically bring Leg Day II for the week and today didn’t disappoint. Based off the numbers I’ve been recording, I definitely burn more calories at a faster pace than my upper body days. Friday will include more full body workouts and I’ll be sure to see if I can reach 1000 calories in one hour. It WILL happen.

I did a new hyper exercise involving my steel mace which tested my hamstrings and glutes to the best of my abilities. I’ll be doing it again tomorrow and post a video of it on my social media pages (Facebook & Instagram). The hyper machine is a great machine to activate your glutes and hamstrings and one you should be doing on each of your leg days. You’ll see what I’m talking about in the video. 

More Food on My Table…

Opportunities can be given to you. Opportunities can fall in your lap. Sometimes though, you go out and create an opportunity. 

Today, I created one. 

Until next time,

Ruiz out.


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