Sobering Lessons

Friday has come and the impending weekend is upon all of us. It wasn’t an action packed week, but certainly busier than last week. As my freshness of being a new personal trainer winds down every day, I’m finding out the pros & cons of the holiday season. 

The pros will come in January when #NewYearNewMe becomes the trend and sends droves to the gyms in hopes of making said hashtag become a reality. Of course, it will truly resonates with a small lot of people who actually change their lives through fitness and a new found respect and adoption of healthy eating habits.

The cons? Vacations, inconsistent weather patterns, holiday feasts, and other by products the holiday season brings. My bank account has always been scrutinized, but it will be more so this month. 

Lessons L(earned)

As I’ve mentioned in previous posts, I’ve acquired a secondary means of income to make up for the lagging gym sessions during the holidays season. One of the most important aspects of this job is getting tips from the deliveries I make. For the record-until last week, I was never apart of the service industry (food, restaurant, deliveries, etc). I knew when I signed up for this job that I would accrue a lot of knowledge in how all of this works especially with tips. 

And boy am I.

Getting my first tip was a good feeling. It was five dollars and I took pride in  receiving that. My client didn’t have to do that but she did. Immediately, my mindset on the service industry  began to truly evolve. Tips truly do make a difference when trying to make a steady primary income and a secondary income.

It’s also been very enlightening to see just how shitty people can be towards others when it comes to service. Not saying my career in TSA didn’t teach me anything (oh it did), but now from this juncture, my perception has taken a dramatic turn.

I did two deliveries this afternoon and got one tip. As I just told my roommate a bit before I started writing this, it was another sobering lesson in the realties of life and work. 

I’m not throwing myself a pity party at all. If anything, my future encounters with waiters, bartenders, etc., will certainly be interesting and different. It’s just another unexpected lesson and puzzle piece to this thing we all refer to as LIFE.

Until next time,

Ruiz Out


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