Straight Edge Days

Meal prepping has come back into season for me and thus far, it’s been incredibly helpful once again. I attended a burrito bowl making party this past weekend. A kind, sweet, and beautiful friend of mine invited me and I couldn’t resist. I got five days worth of meals made and thus far, they have been amazing and hitting the spot. I’m getting my macros in with these bowls and they also saving me some money by keeping my ass out of Chipotle.

Knowledge Can’t Wait

I’m nearly done with one of my continuing education courses for the my NASM personal trainer certification. As a trainer, it’s imperative to keep your education going (and also necessary). You don’t want to be content in the knowledge base you have-you need to always going for more.

The course is done through and it’s can be done at your own pace. If you are a personal trainer or just an avid kettlebell user, I strongly suggest studying Eric Leija’s courses & techniques with the kettlebell. It’s one of the best tools in the gym and if you do it correctly & often, your body will develop in new ways ( in my expert opinion). In the picture below, you see me doing a close grip kettlebell push-up. This is something I’d recommend if you have great push up form, upper body strength, and exceptional core strength. 

This was not easy. 

Day Three of Straight Edge 

 It’s been three days of a cleaner December for me. At times I have craved a beer, but I’ve substituted beer for tea. It’s been working for me since I bought myself a fancy ice tea brewer from Target. It helps curbs the cravings and is a far better substitute than if I started drinking soda again. I can’t even recall the last time I had a soda. 

The other night I was around a friend of mine who had WAY too much to drink (among other things). Suffice to say, it was sad seeing him in a nearly unconscious state. It was sobering for me to remember the times I’ve been in that state before and got lucky that nothing worse came of it.

Last year, I got so intoxicated that I passed out on the ground in the parking lot of a bar. Lucky for me, I called an Uber to come get me and to make it even better, she was incredibly nice and got me home safely. I could have gone to jail (or much worse), but I lucked out that night. 

It’s embarrassing to think I was in that state of public drunkenness, but it serves as a benchmark moment of stupidity for me. 

Some moments can break us and sometimes they can push us to a clearer path of how to navigate through this game called life. 

Until next time,

Ruiz out. 


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