The Mamba M3ntality

Talk about a walk into the mind of a genius.

If you have broken bread with me before or at least have had one decent basketball conversation with me, I make it clear I’m a Los Angeles Lakers fan. Which in turn means I’m a Kobe Bryant fan as well. 

When it comes to sports especially that of basketball (my favorite team sport), I’ve always studied many of the greats to examine their work ethic. Maravich, Jordan, Phil Jackson, LeBron, and Kobe are some of my favorite players/coaches ever. Everyone has lessons to share about winning, failing, climbing, and living. We all have started from some place.

I read Showboat by Roland Lazenby a few months ago and really enjoyed the narrative he provided over Kobe Bryant’s life. He made Bryant seem relatable in many instances, but also enigmatic as well.  We all have our quirks and unique character traits, but Kobe possessed more to him than I thought. 

In his book, The Mamba Mentality,  Kobe breaks down his career and work ethic through the use of photos. It explains the notion behind the term #Mamba and yes, I had to hash tag that.

Kobe was born with the tangibles to do great things, but it took timing, work, sacrifice, studying, and whole hell of a lot more variables to succeed and accomplish what he did in his career. Of course, the same can be said for Jordan, LeBron, Magic, and damn near every great player ever.


I preach a similar concept to each of my clients when I’m training with them. Each of us possess tangibles to do good and great things. It’s just a matter of working towards figuring out what those THINGS are and WHO you are. 

 In this fast paced society we live in currently, we have slowly conditioned ourselves to expect results with reckless haste and with hardly any true work involved. To those who foolishly believe that notion, here is a metaphorical shovel for all that bullshit you believe in.

Much like Arnold says, “There is no magic pill.”

Your Meme is Meaningless

I truly have a tolerate/hate perspective of memes. Especially, the ones with quotes and graphics. My main reason being is that if the person who posted it truly believes what they are posting, but most of all, truly doing what they are “preaching”. I doubt it.

If I post a quote, I can guarantee you  that 100% of the time, I’m reading the source at that very moment or pretty close to that time frame. I associate quotes with knowledge and with knowledge, slivers of power follow behind it. 

Be about the knowledge you seek and the truth you want to encompass. Cause doing anything less of that is a settlement into mediocrity or worse, failure.

Until next time,

Ruiz out 


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