Day six of being straight edge has been a good one. I feel great and my workout performances have certainly increased for the better this week. I been going faster, harder, and longer throughout this week and I don’t see myself slowing down.


Today, was Leg Day II and I focused on doing negatives with the majority of my exercises. For example, on the calf raise machine (seen to the left), I would push up with my calves, hold it for one second, and then go down (the negative)  for three seconds.

My calves certainly felt the difference compared to what I’ve been doing lately.  I’ve had “runners” legs for the longest time, but my Onnit training along with my diet has caused my legs to grow in a rate I’ve never seen before. Seeing the results has only motivated me more than ever before with my leg work.

No Magic Pill

I had a small discussion with a client this morning about supplements. The “Magic Pill” mantra has grown popular as of late because it’s true. In a world which demands hasty results, there is a plethora of pills, vitamins, and other gimmicks in the market that promise weight loss despite no exercise or significant diet tweaks.

I do take vitamins and other supplements as a means to expediate the work I’m doing in the kitchen and gym. Period. If I just took them and did nothing in the gym much less eat like crap in the kitchen, those supplements would do absolutely nothing for me.

Be logical in your choices when it comes to meals, supplements, and exercise routines.

Cause #NewYearNewMe doesn’t happen if you #DoNothing about the variables causing you the grief you have & the results you long desire to have. Don’t hold yourself back.  


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