Snow Days

I prefer my Snow Days to occur when I’m either in the Rocky Mountains or in the Pacific Northwest. Being here in the South Plains just makes for days when the city basically shuts down and causes the citizens to drive like absolute dolts.

The best thing about today was seeing my dogs really enjoy the snow. Last time it snowed here in Lubbock, the snowfall wasn’t very much. A dusting if you will. This time it was more than several inches and actually made it difficult for them to walk (at first). Seeing them run around in it & play was a joy though. I got a lot of laughs from it and they didn’t seem to mind the cold temperatures.

January Can’t Come Sooner

December is proving once again to be financially difficult. The cold weather keeps people indoors and less likely to hit the gym which means less money and work for yours truly. 

While I did get some good down time today, I’m looking to make some money and keep this personal training business of mine growing and not stalling. 

The melted snow from today is slowly freezing over the roads which will make the morning commutes hell. Believe me, I know. I do plan on working tomorrow afternoon at the gym and doing deliveries. Money is to be made. 

Six Days a Week

I feel it’s time to expand to six days a week when it comes to training at the gym. My energy levels have been outstanding as of late and it’s time to hit the numbers I’ve been wanting to hit. To do that before January would be a great way to start 2019 and establish a strong baseline of what my training will build upon going forward.

Now is this something I recommend any of you to do to start off the New Year? 


That’s a fast way to burn yourself out. Remember-this is a level up process and not a race. 


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