Know Your Fight

The snow has melted, but the ice still remains.

That sounds like the tag line of some sort of C-Movie about killer ice, does it not? 

Bad C-movie lines aside, getting around today was much easier for the city to do which made my life easier. I was the first one at the gym today (which has been a while) and that kicked off an overall great afternoon/evening. Client did great and I started my “6 Days a Week” training regime off. I told myself to a while back to learn how to love Leg Day, thus, I now have three Leg Days. 

Considering I didn’t have all of my usual gear with me, I still put up a good workout and finished it off with a mile run in the snow and streets. It’s been ages since I’ve trained on a Sunday, but I must admit that it felt great to do so. A true solid kick off to my week. 

Suffice to say…

Nine days without alcohol has brought me a clearer mind to work with. The temptations have been there, but I’ve gotten used it not being an option for me at the moment.

One of the more obvious effects this has had for me is my emotions and train of thought. I’m certainly not one to shy away from gaining knowledge but I have found myself this week in a constant state of reflection and having a deeper pensive attitude towards everything. Whether it be my life, society woes, or goals I’ve yet to accomplish, the breathes I’m taking have been stronger.

 Stronger in sense of knowing and reminding myself of how I got here and WHY I’m doing this.

The world as a whole may continue to chip away at itself by fighting for the sake of fighting, but I’m over here fighting and building to create a better life for myself. We are all guilty of getting caught up in the headlines of social media and all the trending hashtag movements that rile us up. However, we need to remember the true battles in our own lives and tend to those battles first.

Let’s forget the faux sense of self importance we get when we post hashtags online and remember and fight for the important virtues, battles, and plights our true lives depend on. 

-J.R out- 


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