Cardboard Worlds Don’t Hold Up

Writers block is a very real thing. You sit back and try to create the best content possible and just hit a damn roadblock.

This has been that week. 

For a  lot of you out there who have indulged in writing as a hobby, job, or passion, this shit is no joke!

So here goes nothing.

The Office

My life literally turned into an episode  of the Office yesterday. There has been a lot of rumors as of late this week regarding the future of my gym and the franchise it belongs too. Needless to say, these rumors came to a head yesterday morning and turned the day upside down.

Naturally, I needed answers so I go out and find them, but not from the usual sources (management) cause quite frankly, they already have a track record of lying. So you go to the streets or in this case, other gyms to get answers.

And I got them.

I wasn’t rattled by the information I got. In fact-I’m having fun with it.

Lesson is everybody is it’s always advantageous to have a Plan X, Plan Y, and Plan Z. I figured this moment was coming sooner or later. And so it has arrived.

That was Random

I had a really random & wild conversation with my friend at GNC today. Needless to say-sex drives, drugs, personal training, and business was discussed. There is a dark side to everything, y’all and she & I rapped’ about it.

It was actually a really good conversation & that random breath of fresh air I needed this week. I need more moments like that.

Don’t Live in a World of Cardboard

Don’t box yourself in. That’s not advice, but a skill you must develop. 


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