Don’t be an A**hole

I’m pretty certain all of us have been told that great piece of advice before in our lifetimes. I know I have. 

Being in the fitness industry is no different that any other entity in its population of assholes. Today I was reminded of this when one of the members of the gym I work at was standing near me & talking to one of my coworkers. 

I’m not going to name this punk, but my interactions with him have been short & simple by design of me. I’ve seen him work out with his mother and father and I’ve heard him talk to them in a very disrespectful manner. When they aren’t there spotting him on his benchpress, he breathes with a pretentious attitude which drives me nuts.

What really set this specific blog post in motion was his remarks about cross-fitters and essentially, how much better he was than them. I simply tuned him out at that point and just made my way to another part of the gym, thus ignoring the remainder of the horse shit he was going to spew. 

I got my specific type of training that I do, but I don’t see it as better than anybody else’s style. To each their own and I truly mean that. 

Considering I train with ropes, steel maces & clubs, and kettlebells, I’m sure I’ve generated a ton of criticism and shakes of the head from some purists. It’s different and that’s ok. But I’m not an asshole about it.

Point being is don’t be an asshole in the gym or in life. 


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