Merry Christmas Ev3

And the true last week of the hustling & bustling of the holiday season has arrived. I didn’t dare go to any grocery store today considering the last minute madhouse most of these stores will be.

I did stop at one gas station for an after workout remedy (Monster Lemonade + Tea), but when there is one cashier and a line that fills up nearly half the store, my patience can only wait for so long.

HomeTown Workouts

I visited the Core in my hometown of Hobbs, New Mexico earlier this morning and had a tremendous Christmas Eve workout. My Thanksgiving workout wasn’t that great, but this time, I really put in the reps and got my heart racing.

It was also the first time I used my Onnit steel clubs in Hobbs for a workout. Needless to say, I got a good amount of looks from the lot of gym goers who were also getting in their last minute workouts before Christmas. Not every day you see something like that used in a gym in Hobbs!

As a personal trainer, I’ve come to embrace the idea of promoting myself and the products I use. Onnit is a great company and while they are known, they are still a growing company and one I believe in. #SetYourselfApart

Holiday Grub

My choices for holiday grub have be in line with what I normally eat during these weeks. It’s like I’ve been telling my clients-indulge a bit during the holidays. It’s human to do so. It only hurts us when we make it a continual habit after the holidays are over.

But between those holiday meals, keep it in the back of your mind that these meals should be treats and not habits.


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