Chess, not Checkers

I’ve found the best way to build momentum during the day is to accomplish certain tasks towards the beginning.

Case in point, hitting the gym earlier this morning with my family & recording the final Cerebral Fit Podcast episode of 2018. Best thing is I finally interviewed my first guest! Even better is that it was my father so that made it even easier for both of us.

I’ve been wanting to conduct an interview for some time on the podcast and to accomplish that feat before the end of 2018 feels pretty damn good. It was a great interview and one I’m pretty proud of. I look forward to 2019 and doing more interviews like this.

Making Moves

Like most holiday weeks, mine will be coming to an end tomorrow as I head back to Lubbock to finish out 2018. My gym sold to another gym franchise, Tru Fit, thus, making my future at The Falls (my current gym) an interesting one for sure. Some meetings are scheduled to go down at some point, but there really is no telling what will come from them.

As I’ve mentioned before, I’ve got certain pieces in place just in case this leads to the worst case scenario. I see this leading to a good thing in regards for me getting more exposure and new clients, but I have to be ready for anything as well. Too bad Onnit doesn’t have a gym in Lubbock. Wishful thinking.

Plan X,Y, and Z

One of the reminders & lessons I’ve was reminded of during the interview with my father was being ready for the unknown. My gym selling to another big box gym six months into my tenure there was surprising. Me and my father both have made fitness into vital parts of our lifestyles and preparing for the unknown is very part of that formula.

Fitness has kept us both keen and ready mentally and physically for the unknown variables life will throw at you & your plans. I’m certain I’ll get more details on what my personal training future looks like at The Falls and once that does, I’ll share with you all on what’s headed for yours truly.


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