Christmas 2018

Christmas 2018 arrived this morning with a few hours of sleep and being surround by several sleeping dogs & coffee being brewed in the kitchen. Even at the age of 34, Christmas morning still has a bit of that luster to it when you wake up. This year, I didn’t wrap any of my presents as a means to conserve paper and keep the clean up to a minimum. Much easier if you ask me.

As the years go by, the majority of the Christmas days have a bit of theme to them based off gifts selections. In my case, the majority of it was geared towards my personal training career. Not a bad thing at all!

Treating yourself…but with a cost.

I’ve been slowly ridding my diet of dairy products. Whole milk has now been replaced with almond milk and other similar dairy replacements. This morning though, my father made me a few cups of spiked egg nog. Now mind you, I’ve only had egg nog a few times in my life so its not exactly a holiday tradition for me. My first spiked egg nog as well!

Needless to say, my stomach and appetite didn’t take kindly to the egg nog. Yes-it was delicious but I certainly paid the price for it. Thank goodness for antacids and my sisters essential oils!

I will say I did have the best meat loaf of my life though. Freaking delicious and hopefully it will become a December tradition from here on out. Thanks, Mom!

2019 is Coming

As my family watches a horror movie in the living room, I’m typing away in another room in the house as I watch LeBron James and the Lakers battle with the Golden State Warriors.

With one more week left, my mind is in a constant state of reflection of what I accomplished in 2018, but most of all, what I want & can accomplish in 2019. I have some pieces in place, ready for them to be set in motion.

All in all, I got more pieces to collect and place and I’m certain a majority of you do as well.

I hope everyone had a merry Christmas, but now let’s usher in this last week of 2018 and make it count.


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