Even though I’ve been conditioned to somewhat loathe much less care less about the holidays, I can admit that I did have a bit of hard time driving away from Hobbs today. Being there with my entire family was something I had for some long, yet, these days its a twice/thrice a time a year thing.

That’s life in its current state though. While a bit of sadness was echoing through my soul as I left, I was reminded of the time when I lived far away in the Pacific-Northwest and didn’t spend the holidays with any family that year. It reminded me to be thankful for the time I spend this year and to look forward to the next occasions, when and wherever that may be.

4 Days 2 Go

I just looked at my calendar and saw the number of days left in 2018. It’s not that I have a large amount of things to take care. I don’t. I simply just want to take this four days and build some momentum up before 2019 begins.

As I rolled into Lubbock, I could feel my holiday fatigue set in & the yearn for some quick and easy fast food. I got the best of my appetite though and made myself a much healthier protein shake. It was filling and certainly healthier and I added my new micronutrient food capsules to the mix.

Macros take the limelight, but it’s the micros that I feel the health industry takes a pass on. Not me at least from this point on. This couldn’t come a moment to soon since I just talked to my roommate who just told me he has the flu. So our house has that going for us. Joy.

I suspect I’ll be okay, but it will take some dubious planning to ensure I don’t catch this flu he has much less any sickness. It was this time last year when I caught the rhinovirus which FUCKED me up for two weeks. Never again at least if I can help it.


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