The Micros of Life

I’m not sure if I’m just slightly hungover or I’m coming down with something. I honestly feel it’s just a hangover or at least that is what I’m hoping for. The Roommate is getting over his illness (so it seems) and it didn’t seem to be awful. But at this juncture, being ill is the last thing I need.

I went out last evening to celebrate New Years a bit “early” and it ended up being more of a boring drag than anything else. Going sober for those 21 days and then having a drink reminded me my days of hitting the pub by myself are probably winding down. It’s just so damn boring. You try to engage in a conversation with someone at the bar only for you to be yelling at them since you or them can’t hear a damn thing.

It’s also expensive. Too damn expensive. I’d say the highlight of last night was the DJ playing his good selection of 90s/2000s hip-hop which is always a good thing in my world.

I did drink in Hobbs, but I was with my family and it was social. But now…meh.

I suppose an infuse of new rules will be better for my health (and wallet) if I limit my drinking to in-house or social settings. With the inconsistency in personal training clients & the uncertainty if I stay at the Falls, my choice is pretty logical, right?

The Micros

I started my new micronutrients regime two days ago. The fitness industry and mainstream society seem to focus on the “macros” and glosses over the micros. They are immensely important when it comes to oxidative stress, anxiety, and illnesses.

While I feel over the course of time I have done a great job in keeping my oxidative stress (and free radicals) at bay, I haven’t done a great enough job. That will change.

I want optimal health & not a half ass approach which focuses solely on calorie intake and macro counting.

While I’m three days into this, it will be roughly a month before I might truly see and feel a difference in my health. That timeframe is roughly what it takes to feel the effects of a new exercise regime (at least in regards to benefits). These aren’t magic pills I’m not taking. Just bullets to the overall gun.

Is that a weird analogy?

Body Image

Yesterday, I posted images of me sans some clothes to show my body transformation from last year to the NOW.

That used to be a rule of mine to not post anything like that, but I’ve grown in that regard. I believe we all have body image issues and it’s certainly taken time & leaps of faith to grow out of that mindset.

No one has the perfect body. The idea of “perfect” is relative.

In my world, what I feel is the “perfect” embodiment of a body could differ from the person next to me or across with me.

It’s like ice cream.


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