Day 3 of 365

Taking a breather from the podcast & blog proved to be boring. It’s not that I needed a break from those things. I honestly just needed a break from the holidays and the stress it brings to the forefront. It’s a hard learned lesson in life that the holidays for the most part are great when you are a child. As an adult though, it’s a pain in the ass.

I’m truly happy we are past them. I like a bit of balance and normalcy when it comes to maintaining a work schedule especially in my line of work. You can’t train clients if the gym is closed for the holidays.

Being conditioned as a government worker had me working plenty of holidays for over nine years. While people are happy or “happy” that the holidays are around, I’m sure at some point I’ll be a holiday person again, but it won’t be anytime soon.

Gym Newbies

Returning to work on January 1st was much needed, but I was surprised at the lack of people I saw at my training gym & even at the gym I go to as just a member. It was pretty dead or light. However, that has changed the past few days.

I saw plenty of new faces in both of the gyms I regularly attend. It was expected, but I figured at some point I would be annoyed at some of these newcomers who insist to “bee-bop” around the gym and act like a damn child. I’m not against anybody hitting the gym for proactive/reactive reasons. I’m against anybody hitting the gym just to goof off and act like a damn fool. It’s dangerous and not needed. I’m sure it won’t be the end of it for a little while, but I may go at different hours of the day just to ensure I have plenty of room for the training I like to do.

Steel Grit

My steel mace and steel club work will be the centerpiece of how I train for the forceable future. Not just with me though, but with my clients as well. I’ll alway make room for using dumbbells, but I’ve grown so used to working with maces & clubs that I truly want to master this.

It’s been so effective for me and have seen what it has done for my overall strength and conditioning. Yes, it does look like I’m working out like a character out of Game of Thrones or The Lord of the Rings. But it works. Simple as that.


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