The bounce back is a nice feeling.

Yesterday, my gym session absolutely sucked. It was horrendous. If you listened to the latest episode of the Cerebral Fit Podcast, you know how annoyed I was yesterday.

Today was different though. Very different.

I tinkered with a few variables such as making sure my pre-workout, vitamins, and gear was ready to go for the morning. That saved me time & got me some extra sleep in the process. Two points for James!

My client had a tremendous workout this morning which in turn put me in an even better mood. Once his session was done, mine began.

Talk about feeling much better and just having that gym high. Once you feel it, taste it, and see it around you, you will want more.

It’s the small things sometimes. Tinker with the formula & you’ll be amazed at what may come

Looking forward

I have my moments when I still look back at regrets. The regrets in friendships, relationships (platonic & romantic), life style choices, and other things we all deal with.

It’s apart of the spectrum that is a never-ending battle. There is no escaping it really. Just understanding it, respecting it, and knowing when to look away from it. It’s bastard more often than not.

I hate when type in that name on the Facebook search bar and just want to see their picture. Just a glimpse of seeing what was, but not now.

It’s a sickness…one we all share whether we realize it or not.

I’m better at managing it these days. It’s a chink in my mental armor that may never be repaired. Then again…do I want it repaired?


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