Sprinkles of Evolving Change…

When you hear music blaring out of my home, that’s a good sign I’m in a very good mood.

Never fails.

Today has been tremendous. My client had a great workout and shared with me a story from his weekend. He was moving around furniture around his home and said how “easy” it was for him to do so.

“A year ago, I wouldn’t have been able to do any of that. At all”, he told me.

He shared his thanks with me and I will admit it was awesome to hear that from him. That’s real life results for you. My idea is not to turn you into Arnold, Sly, or The Rock. It’s to make you a better person than you were yesterday. To level you up.

In the long run, you will be so much better off when you are taking care of yourself properly with a healthy gym schedule, a balanced diet, and giving yourself the best rest possible. It all correlates together, y’all.

What I do works. There is no magic or sorcery behind what I do for my clients. It’s hard work, time, and the fucking will to simply level up. Period.


Without question, if you ever see an opportunity that will benefit your bank account & put more food on your table, give it a second look. With the future of the Falls in question, I have to take care of my future and that of my clients as well.

I had a very good conversation a bit ago that could be a massive game changer for me. Waiting for an opportunity is one thing, but this is one I cannot turn my back to. There is always a “perfect” scenario and this would be one piece to nearing that scenario.


With the increased micros in my diet, I know it will be nearly a month before I will be able to see any significant changes. However, these past few days I’ve noticed my mindset & energy levels seemingly feeling altered.

Alternated in a manner which is positive, almost euphoric. Whether this continues remains to be seen (like most things), but I’m curious to see where this all goes…


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