Sippin’ On Some Green Tea & Juice

Peaking into my morning cup of green tea to see it is empty would be disappointing if it wasn’t me that sipped all of it. But it was me that drank all of it and it was tremendous.

Green tea has always been good for me in regards to getting that small dose of energy in the morning and being a great fat burner for me as well. In reality, I’ve been drinking green tea longer than I have coffee so the taste (very overpowering to the layperson) has no bearing on my buds. Give it a shot if you are looking to switch it up for coffee.

Meeting with the Coach

Here in a little over an hour, I have my first meeting with a nutritional coach here in Lubbock. Turns out, the Natural Grocers grocery store chain has nutritional coaches on staff and their services are FREE. Yes-free. I’m gonna gain some more knowledge from a professional in regards to developing a simple, yet effective diet that gives me all the macros and micros I need from my food.

Unlike a majority of personal trainers out there, I actually don’t have my nutritional certification and can’t create meal plans since it’s a tad illegal to do so. I can offer advice, but to create meal plans for people is something I can’t do. Be weary of those out there who claim they can & will. Just an excuse to charge you more money.

Catch up

It’s been reset week across the board. Last week, I didn’t see too much of an influx in the gym with people, however, this week has been a completely different story. Vacations are over with, school is back, and the time is now to hit the gym.

I’ve spent the past hour making new plans for clients & making sure they get going this first week of 2019. Funny thing is that it doesn’t feel like work at all. I love that feeling.


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