Moving (More) Towards the End Game

One of the best feelings to have is knowing when your professional (and by proxy, personal) lives could potentially making their way towards the upside.

I had my meeting yesterday and it went extremely well. Paper work was signed and my free agency has ended. But in this business, I still have the freedom to go out and train make my business MY OWN.

Many of the large big box gyms love to micro manage and control the freedom of their personal trainers, thus, causing them to lose out on bigger paydays and what not. I get it-it’s a business and when it comes to franchises, they will do what it takes thrive and survive.

But they are plenty of us (personal trainers) who do yearn for the independence to go out and train at various gyms instead of just one. Sure, we could do it on the down low, but to do so without fearing any sort of legal ramifications and gym banishments is a good feeling.

The best part of this move is the win/win/win scenario. It’s cheaper for my existing and future clients, I make more money, and they won’t have to move gyms.

I have blue prints for what I want to do with Cerebral Fit in the long run towards my respective End Game. Going in this professional direction will able me to save the money and in doing so, making me a better personal trainer, blogger, and podcaster.

And human being as well.

I hope?

; )


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