Make It That Way

The cracking open of a beer can be one of the best sounds you can hear all day. My day wasn’t bad by any stretch, but rather a busy day where I got stuff done.

This morning, I ventured to the one of the new gyms I’ll be training out of and put myself through a great workout session there. It was Leg Day III and I certainly adapted to the equipment they have there. It’s certainly the smallest gym I’ve trained at in some time, but it had the room & equipment I needed to get through this workout. My right hip flexor has been feeling a bit tight the past few days so I took it easy on the weight and my movements. An hour a half of work later, I was finished with my training.

It was just me in there for a little over 45 minutes until another person came in and started training. Having an empty gym to myself was a different and welcome feeling. Not having to worry about people taking my spot or getting in my way.

And I had way too much fun on the trampoline. Well…using the trampoline.


On the way home today from my last client session of the day, I kept thinking about the concept of gullibility. We are living in a unique place in history where we have information at the palm of our hands. However, it seems to me that most people in society seem to ignore the notion of “research” & “intuition” and still go for the lowest hanging fruit of information available to them.

It’s both bothersome & disturbing to me. I’m made myself into a person who can recognize the difference between the lowest hanging fruit of information between the actually solid facts. The key words there though are “made myself”. I truly believe now that some people prefer to drink out of the cauldron of lies and “hope” they are right.

I don’t hope to stay healthy, physically fit, or mentally solid.

I make it that way.


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