Ready. Set. Go

“Make that place your home.”

I was told that earlier today when I visited with a new co-worker of mine. It was in regards one of the new gym I’ll be training my clients out of. I’d be lying if I didn’t get a bit of a rush when I was told that. Metaphorically speaking, I loved being given the ball to run with. I love chasing goals and seeing them though.

I just finished my completing my “Goal Board” for 2019 and was incredibly happy with what I put down. I started this last year as a means to motivate myself and get shit done. It certainly added a furor to my endeavors and gave me a small sensation of accomplishment every time I wiped one goal away with the eraser.

Being able to use this small gym as the closest thing to having my own personal training studio is an amazing feeling. I know I can do a lot, but I know what it’s going to truly take to make this all work.

I’m not excited. I’m not scared.

I’m ready.


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