Fool’s Gold

After the atypical day I had yesterday, today was not so much that.

That’s typically how it goes. One day it’s crazy town banana pants and then the next day…not so much.

Today became much more of an off day considering I had just one client (He cancelled). Considering it’s just January, one must take advantage of the off days they have.

Took care of the Costco run, fueled up my ride, working on the latest episode of the Cerebral Fit Podcast. Adding special guests has given more color to the podcast and I’m really enjoying it. Openly discussing the use of marijuana along with CBD oil provided for some great commentary and discussion.

Stick to your Guns

Thought-if you want to make a good deal with someone, use actual numbers instead of promises and sweet talk.

Someone yesterday tried that with me and failed astronomically. I humored myself and listen to him, but ultimately, the takeaway I got from it was a lesson in knowing what to tell people.

As a personal trainer, one should not bullshit their clients. If it was a bad rep or some awful form, TELL them and CORRECT them. Period. I felt in this fella’s case, he would have had a shot if he actually told me solid numbers, stipulations, etc. Promises mean nothing to me unless they some stock to back them up. This fella did not have that.

You can offer me a goldmine, but I’m sticking to my guns, personal ideology and making my own business structure and ethics to abide by.

We all seek silver & gold, but let’s be the wiser in knowing what fool’s gold is.


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