Punch Away

I actually convinced myself to create for a little bit and enjoy some video games for a change. With everything that has gone down this week, I needed some “James” time even though it has been for an hour or so. The creeping feeling of knowing my time is going to be more of a commodity is an interesting emotion to taste.

I woke up this morning thinking it was Saturday only to surprise myself and remember it was indeed Friday. Another reminder that I cannot let time get away from me and what I need to do as trainer, podcaster, and blogger. Going back to 5 A.M wake up could be back in the fold if things continue on this route.

Time management really is a key skill to build upon. I’ve done a great job thus far (in my opinion), but I know there will be that moment when I do cross times and a little bit of chaos shows up.

Late to the “Party”

I’m typically not late to meetings or anything like that, but if I don’t show up on time, that’s a way of me saying “I DON’T CARE.”

Of course I could I keep my grievances to my self, but I clearly won’t.

In this fitness game where independent contractors come and go, be mindful of the corporations you sign up with. Big box gyms have their pros & cons, but you will be limited to what & how you can train. If you are a trainer (or future personal trainer) who covets their independence and mobility as a trainer, a big box gym may not be for you. In my personal case, after I signed the dotted line, I knew I could simply just quit and go from there. I also knew it would be the first shot I had at truly getting my feet wet in this game instead of just dipping my toes into the water.

Do what is best for you. No matter the promises of good money, “opportunities”, or the pressure the contrarians to your goals may say.


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