Fill in The Gaps

I have no qualms with sleeping in just a tad, but I will take it today. I could feel this past weeks fatigue set in yesterday afternoon. I knew getting a good amount of sleep would be exactly what I needed and I did just that. Time is a commodity and so is sleep in my opinion. Back in my Homeland Security days, averaging 7 hours of sleep was a pipe dream. My average was at least 3-4 hours a night so my recovery from my workout was horrendous and nearly non existent.

This morning should be a busy one with one client session and an event for a nutritional company I’ve teamed up with.

It’s commonplace in the personal training game to add feathers to your cap as a means to diversify yourself in the personal training pool if you will. They are plenty of companies out there who through social media will see what you are doing with your small business and more often than not, will reach out to you and offer you some sort of affiliation. Whether as an ambassador or an actual salesperson, you will be given an opportunity to represent a product and add some income to your small business.

Of course, I’m careful when it comes to promoting any product I have no familiarity with so I have to go through field testing with it. At this point in time, I’ve been using a natural supplement that focuses on micronutrients for nearly four weeks. For the most part, we all get our macros (carbs, fat, protein) in our daily diets, but we don’t get enough of micronutrients from fruits and veggies. Shocker, right?

Your micros essentially correlate with your metabolism, recovery, immune system, and overall growth to the body. So yes-you need them.

So during this month of #NewYearNewMe or whatever hashtag you choose, remember the significant variables of micronutrients in your diet. It will make those first gym sessions those first few weeks easier and accelerate those gains you’re making.

Here in a few weeks at the end of January, I will get my biometric data tested a see what beginning effects have occurred since I started increasing my micronutrient intake.

Be the product of what you are promoting, but live up (and then some) to the standards you preach.


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