One Tequila, Two Tequila, Three Tequila…

Catching up with family can be a really fun time. That’s exactly what happened this past weekend and then some. I’m still recovering from that Saturday night which is another reminder for me that partying like a West Texas rock star isn’t the best course of action these days. I must admit this isn’t the worst hangover I’ve ever had, but the feeling has been more lingering than usual. I’ll take a lingering feeling rather than just have massive headache and sickening feel in my body.

I normally don’t take aspirin or anything like that to remedy a hangover, but I have been flooding my system with super foods and going the holistic route to feel better. As I write this, I can say I’m feeling a bit more like myself than I was earlier this morning/afternoon. Let’s hope for a full recovery by tomorrow’s workout.

Growing Your Brand

I’ve taken the necessary steps in growing my podcast platform these past few weeks. Having special guests has brought more color and a different dynamic to the Cerebral Fit Podcast.

Per the latest episode of the podcast, me and my buddy, Terrence Spain, are launching a new podcast, The Ramblings of Mad Men. This podcast will center around fantasy football/football and fantasy MMA/MMA. I’m truly looking forward to advancing more in my podcast career and seeing what this can bring to the forefront.

Check Out the Latest Iron Man Kettlebell from the Onnit x Marvel Collection.

Click on the link above to see Onnit’s Iron Man Kettlebell. It’s worth it-trust me!


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