Lubbock Wind Can Get Bent

This Lubbock wind is for the birds. A few days ago, the high winds visited us again and I believe a majority of the environment got into my body, thus, sneezing, getting winded easily, etc. I’m temped to buy one of those tea kettles you put in your nose to flush out all the gooey stuff. It’s a messy business but if it helps clear up my head, I just might do it.

It’s certainly not the flu or a cold, but just a bunch of dirt & sh** in throat and head. I’ll get over it soon enough, but I’m craving some an environment with less wind and dirt at the moment. I kept my leg workout a bit short today, but still got a great amount of calories burned today. The power rower & action bike are coming in clutch for me in regards to getting my heart pumping.

Perhaps I was calling it wrong since in my Apple tabs, I just did a search for an “action bike” and got something completely different. It’s apparently an “assault bike” so from hence forth, I shall refer to it as an assault bike.


Ok, it’s snack time. Let’s hope this peanut butter/cocoa mix goes well with my apple slices.


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