Sunday Mornings Musings

Another Sunday has arrived to my morning eyes.

Sundays to most are the end of their week, but I’ve taken the approach of my weeks now starting on Sunday. It’s been a good change of pace and has helped bring more positivity in the ways I approach each day of the week. My Saturday proved to be a bit reminiscent of what I did last Saturday in socializing with friends and having a good time. Unlike last week, I’m waking up this week with no hangover and WAY more energy.

I had one beer last night which as of today will be one of the last one’s I have for quite some time. I’m looking to replace it with red wine and see if I can lose a bit more weight if I make the switch. It’s a crazy theory, but a fun one to test out.

With the abundance of micronutrients I’ve been eating in my diet, my appetite has been changing dramatically. I crave more fresh foods, less beer, more wine, and more water. Seeing and feeling the differences is really re-writing my approach in my overall diet.

Even my hair is being weird. And by “weird”, I mean thicker and not as dry if that makes any sense to some of you.

I’ll be heading to the gym here in a little while to get a good workout in. With January ending, it’s that time to progress with workouts and change up more variables to my workout sessions, but also that of my clients. It’s important to do that ensure from a mental & physical standpoint that I don’t plateau and hold back any progress your body can make.

Don’t settle for mediocrity. Keep evolving.


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