Aggressive Expansion

The problem with a high metabolism on Monday is wanting to eat everything in sight. Which I won’t do to 1) save money and 2) leave more meals for the week.

I’m practicing fasting again and my metabolism is going crazy as I type this. I’ll eat again in two hours and then another two hours after that. In the past, I’ve lost weight practicing this method while going through the Keto Diet as well. So in this case, I’ll likely fast during the mornings and and eat between 12 PM-8PM. My carb intake will likely take a hit since I won’t be drinking beer for quite some time. With the burrito bowls (as seen my Facebook & Instagram profiles), I’m getting the amount of macros (carbs, fats, & proteins) I need to maintain my muscle mass. Soon, I’ll match my macros with my micros intake which will really kick up my gains. At least that is the theory.

Dealing with the Danger

It’s great that gyms fill up with people trying to get fitness back into their daily lifestyle, but a byproduct that comes with this is dealing with individuals who are unsafe in the gym. This past week, I’ve encountered an individual who seemingly feels he knows what he is doing when he works out. However, I know better than this and can’t help but watch him perform in the gym and wince in the progress.

Yes, I am a trainer and should probably offer him some tips, but this isn’t my gym from a professional standpoint. And to be honest-some people need to learn the hard way. I did.

In today’s case, I simply did the beginning of my workout and let this individual “train” around me. He stayed out of my way so I’ll give him credit for knowing his surroundings. And that’s the key point I’m making here-watch your angles and surroundings in the gym. Don’t train with a careless flare because sooner or later, you will have someone cross your path and it could lead to disaster or injury.

The Ramblings of Mad Men

Expanding professionally should require daunting steps. Me and my friend, Terrence Spain, are launching our own podcast entitled the Ramblings of Mad Men. It will focus on fantasy football and MMA. I’ve been playing fantasy football for nearly ten years and I’m becoming more fond of MMA from a fitness and psychological standpoint. I’ve dabbled in martial arts through out my years and feel this is just a natural step in continuing that education of martial arts. The first episode will drop the day after the Super Bowl so keep your ears open for that one.

All and all, be mindful of your steps forward.


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