A few days ago, I put a thought into the universe. Since then, that thought was heard. At least that is what I’m telling myself ; )

It’s been a busy week for yours truly. As I’ve stated before, time management is a skill which requires constant sharpening. It isn’t developed in one night, one week, one month, or one year. I adapted to it in graduate school, DHS/TSA, and now I’m adapting to it now as a personal trainer/podcaster/blogger.

It could overwhelm you if you let it. However, the only thing that really sets in is a wee bit of fatigue but only towards the later hours of the night. Waking up earlier really hasn’t been a problem for me. I adapt easily to being an early bird to a night owl. Comes with the territory and the clients needs.

Micronutrients = ?

I weighed myself this morning when I woke up. It’s become a Friday routine. I was happy to see I lost four pounds this week.

169.8 pounds it read.

Talk about waking up & seeing the right news this morning. It’s a small victory, but it came faster than I thought it would. Call it an increase in micronutrients combined with some good ole’ fashioned intermittent fasting. I’ve found increasing my micronutrients intake over my macronutrient intake has vastly changed my appetite, recovery, and overall sense of being.

If you see my social media accounts, I’ve shown what my diet mainly consisted of through January. Super foods and lean meats (for the most part) made up most of January’s menu. It will continue to be more of the same.

I’ll head to Complete Nutrition here in Lubbock tomorrow and get my biometric data measured again to see how my body has physically adapted to these additions to my diet.

When you put in the work, good or bad, results will come.


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