The Golden & Silver Lining of Time

Time is a commodity.

I cannot stress that enough. I was prepared to have a busy morning, but as the life of a personal trainer goes, cancellations are a part of the business. I had two this morning, but it gave me plenty of time to adjust and get several objections done. I got a podcast recorded, my “Baba Yaga” cardio workout completed and now this. Afterwards, it’s time to go put myself out there and get some flyers out and about. The way I look at it, this was the universe’s way of saying “Hey, here is some time to work on things and get shit done.”

Last week was a productive week so I have to match it up as best as I can. Thus far, I did officially sign another client which is always great. However, one can always have more clients. I have the time to spend and people to invest in. It’s makes sense when you logically look at it that way. Funny I mention logic…

Defending Against the Rise

I make it a daily habit of feeding not just my body & keeping it fit, but feeding my mind & giving it reps as well. I have no desire to stay idle and be a “do nothing bitch” as Ronda Rousey has coined. Shout out to Ronda ; )

Being on social media was a choice I made years ago, but now it’s become a paramount necessity in my personal training career. While I’m sure it’s possible to gain clients and exposure while not utilizing social media, but it sure as hell would be harder. The past few days I’ve been once again frustrated with the massive group think when it comes to social matters, sports scores, and fitness. While in some regards, we are all conformists and subscribe to some form of group think, I still do my best to craft and mold my own opinions & perspectives.

While I don’t mind if people see it my way, I personally feel it’s everyone duty to themselves to go out and seek the information for their own sense of self & well being. Whether or not I agree with their respective scope of thought, everyone will be better off for it. With the time I have, investing in my knowledge base is time worth spending.

Undergraduate school taught me how to understand a person, people, and society from an academic level.

Graduate school taught me how to analyze and connect all the dots available to me (if that is a possibility).

The School of Life taught me it all comes together at some point.

Connect the dots within you first before submitting to something much larger than you.


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