Much Ado About Something

We all want everything.

That’s a broad statement to say, but I truly believe that. The thing is that “everything” is relative. What is everything to one person could be nothing to the person right in front of them. Love can be proof of that.


Less is more proving to be the current formula for this blog. Will that change? Absolutely.


Cerebral: primarily intellectual in nature.


One of my clients asked me about the origin of the Cerebral Fit name. I told him “…it just came to me like everything else does.” That is one of the fascinating variables of how an idea starts. One thought in a random moment can grow into much, much, more.


One of the things I enjoy about being 3/4 vegetarian-I like to eat. And eat I do.


Indulging in the joy that is hitting a punching bag for more than 30 minutes is a treasured feeling. For the first time (due to technology), I was able to see how effective of an exercise boxing truly is. I will continue to chase this feeling. Naturally.


I want everything. It’s just a matter of going out and finding what is everything to me.


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