Seeing Red

The best changes can be of the smallest designs.

Not sure if that has been said before, but that’s what this week has brought to me.

I’m sitting here at one of my favorite bars in Lubbock, Nicks Sports-bar, enjoining my wine and reading a good book. Correction: great book.

This week was busy enough, but not enough to make me feel truly at ease. I like being busy & working towards my goal(s). My morning and afternoon were filled with clients and my personal workout, but the rest of the day has been solid. This wine was much deserved.

I love my career and the work it makes me do. It’s incredibly worth it.

I will say the most interesting aspects of this week have been regarding character development: mine.

I’ve been letting go of unnecessary regrets, anger, and emotions that have anchored me for too long. We all have them so quit fooling yourself. But the interesting part about all of this is the direction it’s taking me. The unexpected, yet enticing allure of what I see and feel.

Oh, what a feeling.


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