The Inception of a Goal

I’m not sure if I’m an outlier in this regard, but did anybody else read newspaper editorials in the Sunday newspaper as a kid? Anybody?

I suppose those mornings back in the 1990s when I would read the editorials of the then editor of the Hobbs News Sun, Manny Marquez, did in fact make an impression on me and my future writing style. From my elementary school newspaper, being a high school sports editor, MySpace & Facebook posts, and now this…this all seems as it were inveitable. Perhaps destined in some regards.

I’m more comfortable going more at a pace that truly reflects my thought process through the week. Don’t get me wrong-there will come a point again when I publish more posts in the week, but it won’t be this week. Or maybe it will? Time always tells.

On an upcoming episode of the Cerebral Fit Podcast (Link on the homepage), I’m going to discuss my experiences with business networking in the professional world and how I’ve changed from shunning it to embracing it. Should be a fun episode to talk about it.

I honestly was never the best at networking during my Homeland days, but in the fitness industry, I find it to be a breathe of fresh air. I’ll explain why.

The beginning stages of my Spring cleaning started as of this morning. I got a good amount clothes out of my closet and out of life. Most of it being old workout clothes I’ve had for five years or more. They lasted, but it was time to part with them.

More of the clean up will continue with my refrigerators and cupboards being next on the list to do. What things do you plan to do for Spring Clean Up?

Remember to check out these following podcasts: Cerebral Fit, Ramblings of Mad Men, Sneaky Bandz, and Collar & Elbow Wrestling Podcast. Each of these podcasts are powered through the Anchor FM and available on my most podcast platforms.

Ideas are born everyday. One was born within my mind today. Probably the most tangible and grand idea I’ve ever had.



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