Lab Rat

Legend has it that many years ago, my parents would take me to Texas Tech when I was very small child and watch me play in the grass near the dorms and tell me “You’re going to go here one day, mijo.”

Well they weren’t wrong.

Every time I step foot on Texas Tech University, it’s like stepping inside a very significant piece of my heart & soul. It’s almost emotional for me in the sense that I becoming engulfed in a myriad of memories. Yet, I also become inspired when I’m on campus. Inspired by the goals I achieved, but driven to go out and do more. That’s Texas Tech for me.

I ventured there this morning to take part in a scientific study I volunteered to be a part of within the department of kinesiology and sports management. Being in a scientific laboratory that wasn’t forensics related was a change of pace for yours truly. It’s certainly been a while. A long while.

It wasn’t like the Ivan Drago montage scene in Rocky IV, but it was the closest I’ve been to at that point. I was surrounded by thousands of dollars worth of equipment that measured body composition. I’ll put it it like this-with the amount of testing I got done today, I EASILY would have spent over a thousand dollars to get done. Easily.

But it was free. All because I volunteered. As I said in the latest episode of the Cerebral Fit Podcast (Link on the homepage), but there is a plethora of studies out there who could use your help. Look into it! I am very much a scientist. I love research. I love case studies and so on.

The results I got from the testing correlated very much with the numbers I got from Complete Nutrition last week. Needless to say-my diet and fitness regime have been paying off. Just a matter of what else I can do to see how far I can go and will go.

It takes work, energy, and a will to keep going instead of backwards to get these kind of numbers supporting the strategy I put inside the gym and kitchen. The same will go for you. I promise.


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