Out of the Valley and Into in the…

I’ve been revisiting the idea of “time being a commodity” for the past several weeks. Unlike most people on social media these days, I don’t do a full blown announcement when it comes to a hiatus or taking a break-I just do it.

No need for the announcements, but just a simple action.

March was what it was. It was a slow month full of a variety of decisions, thoughts, emotions, and reactions to what life and the universe handed me. It was tough-ok, very tough-at times to navigate these waters I’ve chosen to tread through, but continued on I have done.

I wasn’t the one in my circle of family & friends to be going through March like that. In some ways, it almost felt contagious in sharing stress, anxiety, and the small hint of depression that can result from it. Slowly but surely we all ventured up from our own individual valley and made our way back to the top of the land. But it’s out of the valley and into the…well…let’s see out that plays out.



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