What Do You Bring to the Day?

This is truly one of the cold weather days where I truly want to stay in & do “nothing”. By “nothing”, I mean blog, podcast, make flyers, and advance the Cerebral Fit name.

At that same time, it’s also paramount to collaborate with others who are working towards similar goals as you: Sneaky Bandz and Collar & Elbow Wrestling Podcast are two other podcasts (available on the Anchor FM app & other podcast platforms) out there doing their respective things. Give them a listen and show your support! I’d be remiss if I forgot about the Ramblings of Mad Men Podcast as well. Those three podcasts are the best Texas based podcasts you aren’t listening to. Unless you are a well known figure with an already established fan base, getting your podcast known to the masses is a daunting task. But that’s apart of the fun, isn’t it? The challenge of it all.

It’s only Tuesday, but so far this week I’ve noticed significant gains with all of my clients. From stamina increase, weight loss, speed, and strength, progress has been made and this is an amazing thing to behold. As I have stated on my podcast, the Cerebral Fit Podcast, there is no magic pill to fitness and health: it takes work. Lots of work. It’s cliche & a tiring comment to mention but I cannot stress that enough.

I have some exciting and different engagements coming to fruition later on this week. Public speaking hasn’t exactly been my strongest character sheet trait, but it will certainly be put the test. For an introvert, I’ve certainly had my moments of being able to publicly speak with ease. Shocking I know. It’s there though. Regardless of how this goes, it’s going to be good to get the practice in. As one trainer told me last year, you practically have to “whore” yourself out there to get clients. Let’s hope it doesn’t get to THAT point. Then again…

I still don’t miss that government life. Not at all.

This is the part where I come up with a witty conclusion of some sorts to finish this blog post up. I keep staring outside my window though and looking at the cold overcast sky above me. The cars coming and going on the Loop and the birds walking on the top of my fence. It’s oddly peaceful. With this peaceful time comes with the opportunity to reflect back and also look towards what’s ahead. I’ve been heavily pondering about each day and what I can bring to the day rather than what it brings to me. It makes for more of a challenging adventure.


Seeing Red

The best changes can be of the smallest designs.

Not sure if that has been said before, but that’s what this week has brought to me.

I’m sitting here at one of my favorite bars in Lubbock, Nicks Sports-bar, enjoining my wine and reading a good book. Correction: great book.

This week was busy enough, but not enough to make me feel truly at ease. I like being busy & working towards my goal(s). My morning and afternoon were filled with clients and my personal workout, but the rest of the day has been solid. This wine was much deserved.

I love my career and the work it makes me do. It’s incredibly worth it.

I will say the most interesting aspects of this week have been regarding character development: mine.

I’ve been letting go of unnecessary regrets, anger, and emotions that have anchored me for too long. We all have them so quit fooling yourself. But the interesting part about all of this is the direction it’s taking me. The unexpected, yet enticing allure of what I see and feel.

Oh, what a feeling.

Much Ado About Something

We all want everything.

That’s a broad statement to say, but I truly believe that. The thing is that “everything” is relative. What is everything to one person could be nothing to the person right in front of them. Love can be proof of that.


Less is more proving to be the current formula for this blog. Will that change? Absolutely.


Cerebral: primarily intellectual in nature.


One of my clients asked me about the origin of the Cerebral¬†Fit name. I told him “…it just came to me like everything else does.” That is one of the fascinating variables of how an idea starts. One thought in a random moment can grow into much, much, more.


One of the things I enjoy about being 3/4 vegetarian-I like to eat. And eat I do.


Indulging in the joy that is hitting a punching bag for more than 30 minutes is a treasured feeling. For the first time (due to technology), I was able to see how effective of an exercise boxing truly is. I will continue to chase this feeling. Naturally.


I want everything. It’s just a matter of going out and finding what is everything to me.

The Golden & Silver Lining of Time

Time is a commodity.

I cannot stress that enough. I was prepared to have a busy morning, but as the life of a personal trainer goes, cancellations are a part of the business. I had two this morning, but it gave me plenty of time to adjust and get several objections done. I got a podcast recorded, my “Baba Yaga” cardio workout completed and now this. Afterwards, it’s time to go put myself out there and get some flyers out and about. The way I look at it, this was the universe’s way of saying “Hey, here is some time to work on things and get shit done.”

Last week was a productive week so I have to match it up as best as I can. Thus far, I did officially sign another client which is always great. However, one can always have more clients. I have the time to spend and people to invest in. It’s makes sense when you logically look at it that way. Funny I mention logic…

Defending Against the Rise

I make it a daily habit of feeding not just my body & keeping it fit, but feeding my mind & giving it reps as well. I have no desire to stay idle and be a “do nothing bitch” as Ronda Rousey has coined. Shout out to Ronda ; )

Being on social media was a choice I made years ago, but now it’s become a paramount necessity in my personal training career. While I’m sure it’s possible to gain clients and exposure while not utilizing social media, but it sure as hell would be harder. The past few days I’ve been once again frustrated with the massive group think when it comes to social matters, sports scores, and fitness. While in some regards, we are all conformists and subscribe to some form of group think, I still do my best to craft and mold my own opinions & perspectives.

While I don’t mind if people see it my way, I personally feel it’s everyone duty to themselves to go out and seek the information for their own sense of self & well being. Whether or not I agree with their respective scope of thought, everyone will be better off for it. With the time I have, investing in my knowledge base is time worth spending.

Undergraduate school taught me how to understand a person, people, and society from an academic level.

Graduate school taught me how to analyze and connect all the dots available to me (if that is a possibility).

The School of Life taught me it all comes together at some point.

Connect the dots within you first before submitting to something much larger than you.


A few days ago, I put a thought into the universe. Since then, that thought was heard. At least that is what I’m telling myself ; )

It’s been a busy week for yours truly. As I’ve stated before, time management is a skill which requires constant sharpening. It isn’t developed in one night, one week, one month, or one year. I adapted to it in graduate school, DHS/TSA, and now I’m adapting to it now as a personal trainer/podcaster/blogger.

It could overwhelm you if you let it. However, the only thing that really sets in is a wee bit of fatigue but only towards the later hours of the night. Waking up earlier really hasn’t been a problem for me. I adapt easily to being an early bird to a night owl. Comes with the territory and the clients needs.

Micronutrients = ?

I weighed myself this morning when I woke up. It’s become a Friday routine. I was happy to see I lost four pounds this week.

169.8 pounds it read.

Talk about waking up & seeing the right news this morning. It’s a small victory, but it came faster than I thought it would. Call it an increase in micronutrients combined with some good ole’ fashioned intermittent fasting. I’ve found increasing my micronutrients intake over my macronutrient intake has vastly changed my appetite, recovery, and overall sense of being.

If you see my social media accounts, I’ve shown what my diet mainly consisted of through January. Super foods and lean meats (for the most part) made up most of January’s menu. It will continue to be more of the same.

I’ll head to Complete Nutrition here in Lubbock tomorrow and get my biometric data measured again to see how my body has physically adapted to these additions to my diet.

When you put in the work, good or bad, results will come.

Aggressive Expansion

The problem with a high metabolism on Monday is wanting to eat everything in sight. Which I won’t do to 1) save money and 2) leave more meals for the week.

I’m practicing fasting again and my metabolism is going crazy as I type this. I’ll eat again in two hours and then another two hours after that. In the past, I’ve lost weight practicing this method while going through the Keto Diet as well. So in this case, I’ll likely fast during the mornings and and eat between 12 PM-8PM. My carb intake will likely take a hit since I won’t be drinking beer for quite some time. With the burrito bowls (as seen my Facebook & Instagram profiles), I’m getting the amount of macros (carbs, fats, & proteins) I need to maintain my muscle mass. Soon, I’ll match my macros with my micros intake which will really kick up my gains. At least that is the theory.

Dealing with the Danger

It’s great that gyms fill up with people trying to get fitness back into their daily lifestyle, but a byproduct that comes with this is dealing with individuals who are unsafe in the gym. This past week, I’ve encountered an individual who seemingly feels he knows what he is doing when he works out. However, I know better than this and can’t help but watch him perform in the gym and wince in the progress.

Yes, I am a trainer and should probably offer him some tips, but this isn’t my gym from a professional standpoint. And to be honest-some people need to learn the hard way. I did.

In today’s case, I simply did the beginning of my workout and let this individual “train” around me. He stayed out of my way so I’ll give him credit for knowing his surroundings. And that’s the key point I’m making here-watch your angles and surroundings in the gym. Don’t train with a careless flare because sooner or later, you will have someone cross your path and it could lead to disaster or injury.

The Ramblings of Mad Men

Expanding professionally should require daunting steps. Me and my friend, Terrence Spain, are launching our own podcast entitled the Ramblings of Mad Men. It will focus on fantasy football and MMA. I’ve been playing fantasy football for nearly ten years and I’m becoming more fond of MMA from a fitness and psychological standpoint. I’ve dabbled in martial arts through out my years and feel this is just a natural step in continuing that education of martial arts. The first episode will drop the day after the Super Bowl so keep your ears open for that one.

All and all, be mindful of your steps forward.

Sunday Mornings Musings

Another Sunday has arrived to my morning eyes.

Sundays to most are the end of their week, but I’ve taken the approach of my weeks now starting on Sunday. It’s been a good change of pace and has helped bring more positivity in the ways I approach each day of the week. My Saturday proved to be a bit reminiscent of what I did last Saturday in socializing with friends and having a good time. Unlike last week, I’m waking up this week with no hangover and WAY more energy.

I had one beer last night which as of today will be one of the last one’s I have for quite some time. I’m looking to replace it with red wine and see if I can lose a bit more weight if I make the switch. It’s a crazy theory, but a fun one to test out.

With the abundance of micronutrients I’ve been eating in my diet, my appetite has been changing dramatically. I crave more fresh foods, less beer, more wine, and more water. Seeing and feeling the differences is really re-writing my approach in my overall diet.

Even my hair is being weird. And by “weird”, I mean thicker and not as dry if that makes any sense to some of you.

I’ll be heading to the gym here in a little while to get a good workout in. With January ending, it’s that time to progress with workouts and change up more variables to my workout sessions, but also that of my clients. It’s important to do that ensure from a mental & physical standpoint that I don’t plateau and hold back any progress your body can make.

Don’t settle for mediocrity. Keep evolving.