Lubbock Wind Can Get Bent

This Lubbock wind is for the birds. A few days ago, the high winds visited us again and I believe a majority of the environment got into my body, thus, sneezing, getting winded easily, etc. I’m temped to buy one of those tea kettles you put in your nose to flush out all the gooey stuff. It’s a messy business but if it helps clear up my head, I just might do it.

It’s certainly not the flu or a cold, but just a bunch of dirt & sh** in throat and head. I’ll get over it soon enough, but I’m craving some an environment with less wind and dirt at the moment. I kept my leg workout a bit short today, but still got a great amount of calories burned today. The power rower & action bike are coming in clutch for me in regards to getting my heart pumping.

Perhaps I was calling it wrong since in my Apple tabs, I just did a search for an “action bike” and got something completely different. It’s apparently an “assault bike” so from hence forth, I shall refer to it as an assault bike.


Ok, it’s snack time. Let’s hope this peanut butter/cocoa mix goes well with my apple slices.


One Tequila, Two Tequila, Three Tequila…

Catching up with family can be a really fun time. That’s exactly what happened this past weekend and then some. I’m still recovering from that Saturday night which is another reminder for me that partying like a West Texas rock star isn’t the best course of action these days. I must admit this isn’t the worst hangover I’ve ever had, but the feeling has been more lingering than usual. I’ll take a lingering feeling rather than just have massive headache and sickening feel in my body.

I normally don’t take aspirin or anything like that to remedy a hangover, but I have been flooding my system with super foods and going the holistic route to feel better. As I write this, I can say I’m feeling a bit more like myself than I was earlier this morning/afternoon. Let’s hope for a full recovery by tomorrow’s workout.

Growing Your Brand

I’ve taken the necessary steps in growing my podcast platform these past few weeks. Having special guests has brought more color and a different dynamic to the Cerebral Fit Podcast.

Per the latest episode of the podcast, me and my buddy, Terrence Spain, are launching a new podcast, The Ramblings of Mad Men. This podcast will center around fantasy football/football and fantasy MMA/MMA. I’m truly looking forward to advancing more in my podcast career and seeing what this can bring to the forefront.

Check Out the Latest Iron Man Kettlebell from the Onnit x Marvel Collection.

Click on the link above to see Onnit’s Iron Man Kettlebell. It’s worth it-trust me!

Fill in The Gaps

I have no qualms with sleeping in just a tad, but I will take it today. I could feel this past weeks fatigue set in yesterday afternoon. I knew getting a good amount of sleep would be exactly what I needed and I did just that. Time is a commodity and so is sleep in my opinion. Back in my Homeland Security days, averaging 7 hours of sleep was a pipe dream. My average was at least 3-4 hours a night so my recovery from my workout was horrendous and nearly non existent.

This morning should be a busy one with one client session and an event for a nutritional company I’ve teamed up with.

It’s commonplace in the personal training game to add feathers to your cap as a means to diversify yourself in the personal training pool if you will. They are plenty of companies out there who through social media will see what you are doing with your small business and more often than not, will reach out to you and offer you some sort of affiliation. Whether as an ambassador or an actual salesperson, you will be given an opportunity to represent a product and add some income to your small business.

Of course, I’m careful when it comes to promoting any product I have no familiarity with so I have to go through field testing with it. At this point in time, I’ve been using a natural supplement that focuses on micronutrients for nearly four weeks. For the most part, we all get our macros (carbs, fat, protein) in our daily diets, but we don’t get enough of micronutrients from fruits and veggies. Shocker, right?

Your micros essentially correlate with your metabolism, recovery, immune system, and overall growth to the body. So yes-you need them.

So during this month of #NewYearNewMe or whatever hashtag you choose, remember the significant variables of micronutrients in your diet. It will make those first gym sessions those first few weeks easier and accelerate those gains you’re making.

Here in a few weeks at the end of January, I will get my biometric data tested a see what beginning effects have occurred since I started increasing my micronutrient intake.

Be the product of what you are promoting, but live up (and then some) to the standards you preach.

Punch Away

I actually convinced myself to create for a little bit and enjoy some video games for a change. With everything that has gone down this week, I needed some “James” time even though it has been for an hour or so. The creeping feeling of knowing my time is going to be more of a commodity is an interesting emotion to taste.

I woke up this morning thinking it was Saturday only to surprise myself and remember it was indeed Friday. Another reminder that I cannot let time get away from me and what I need to do as trainer, podcaster, and blogger. Going back to 5 A.M wake up could be back in the fold if things continue on this route.

Time management really is a key skill to build upon. I’ve done a great job thus far (in my opinion), but I know there will be that moment when I do cross times and a little bit of chaos shows up.

Late to the “Party”

I’m typically not late to meetings or anything like that, but if I don’t show up on time, that’s a way of me saying “I DON’T CARE.”

Of course I could I keep my grievances to my self, but I clearly won’t.

In this fitness game where independent contractors come and go, be mindful of the corporations you sign up with. Big box gyms have their pros & cons, but you will be limited to what & how you can train. If you are a trainer (or future personal trainer) who covets their independence and mobility as a trainer, a big box gym may not be for you. In my personal case, after I signed the dotted line, I knew I could simply just quit and go from there. I also knew it would be the first shot I had at truly getting my feet wet in this game instead of just dipping my toes into the water.

Do what is best for you. No matter the promises of good money, “opportunities”, or the pressure the contrarians to your goals may say.

My Own Private Mecca

Oh, what to say.

First thing that comes to mind is that I’m starving and craving some copious amounts of carbs at the moment. Thursday has typically been my “Pizza Night”, but at the moment, I’m actually craving some pasta. I have an event to attend here in a little under an hour so my journey to find my supper will have to be postponed for a short time.

Tinker With the Formula

Today has been a week I’ve tinkered with the workout formula in order to accelerate the results (aka gains) in the gym. I’ve temporally replaced my gym mistress, the Stair-master, with both the power rower and action bike. I’m realizing now as I type this that I should have taken some flash photography in order to fully describe those two machines. This shall suffice for now.

Rowers and action bikes are common staples in cross fit gyms across the country. They are highly effective ways getting legitimate cardio done along with activating damn near your entire body. From legs, core, and upper body, your whole body is put to use. For instance, I did ten minutes on the rower for my warm up and concluded my training session with ten minutes on the action bike. I can feel the DOMs (Delayed Onset of Muscle Soreness) kicking it now in my arms.

I easily burned over 100 calories in those combined twenty minutes compared to the work I typically put in while using an elliptical or stationary bike. Tomorrow being Friday, I will weigh myself in the morning to see what the week has resulted in. Unless I go into a massive junk food binge tonight, I suspect some interesting results.

Freedom Tastes Nice

Working in my newest gym has been a blessing for me. Though it’s smaller, it allows me to concentrate (along with my clients as well) to a level that heightens my senses and further my aptitude as a trainer. My clients seem to be enjoying it as well as their performance has increased for the better as well.

Some of us feed off the energy of others whereas they are those who feed off the silence & solitude of an empty gym. I’m a creature of both of those realms which makes this even more advantageous for yours truly.

As the days come, I’m curious to see what else I can do with this “mecca” of sorts and what it can do for my career and overall sense of self. Turning points come and go and this one is I have be fully vested in. Otherwise, what is this all for?

Fool’s Gold

After the atypical day I had yesterday, today was not so much that.

That’s typically how it goes. One day it’s crazy town banana pants and then the next day…not so much.

Today became much more of an off day considering I had just one client (He cancelled). Considering it’s just January, one must take advantage of the off days they have.

Took care of the Costco run, fueled up my ride, working on the latest episode of the Cerebral Fit Podcast. Adding special guests has given more color to the podcast and I’m really enjoying it. Openly discussing the use of marijuana along with CBD oil provided for some great commentary and discussion.

Stick to your Guns

Thought-if you want to make a good deal with someone, use actual numbers instead of promises and sweet talk.

Someone yesterday tried that with me and failed astronomically. I humored myself and listen to him, but ultimately, the takeaway I got from it was a lesson in knowing what to tell people.

As a personal trainer, one should not bullshit their clients. If it was a bad rep or some awful form, TELL them and CORRECT them. Period. I felt in this fella’s case, he would have had a shot if he actually told me solid numbers, stipulations, etc. Promises mean nothing to me unless they some stock to back them up. This fella did not have that.

You can offer me a goldmine, but I’m sticking to my guns, personal ideology and making my own business structure and ethics to abide by.

We all seek silver & gold, but let’s be the wiser in knowing what fool’s gold is.

Take the Ball and Run With It

Today has been one of the more atypical days I’ve had in quite some time.

I’ve been alluding to change and my current job situation at the Falls as of late, but today it took a turn for the better and busier. Time management will certainly become a skill I have to master soon & quick. Not that I was bad at it before, but now it’s paramount.

I like being busy so this feeling is welcoming. I’m certainly glad though that my vehicle is fuel efficient so my fuel bills will be cheap for the most part. No oversized pick up needed here ; )

Change is like a football..

You just go forward with it.

Pretty simple, eh?

Change can also be very much like a punch as well in that you follow through with it and make sure the impact counts.